Top Reasons to Get Certified Mail

06 Nov

Certified mail may not sound right in the age of electronic mail and instant messaging. With technology, using snail mail can be a conundrum since they are slow. Certified mail is not much of use for most people today. Certified mail may be as archaic since there is better technology today to deliver messages. Yet the post office remains because there are certain needs the messaging technologies cannot deliver. The post office remains relevant because of things such as certified mail. So, what is certified mail, you ask? In essence, certified mail is a domestic mail service with an extra. Here, the post office assigns a tracking number to the mail and returns a receipt which is a legal document to the sender when the mail has been delivered. This is helpful for people who need to get a legal proof that a certain mail has been delivered or rightfully received. This can be helpful for corporations that need to get some proof after sending reports to the government or to stockholders. There are many reasons for people to still use certified mail.
What is the difference between regular mail and certified mail? In essence the two are different in the way the post office is treating the mail. The difference lies on how the mail is being handled. The level of security given to a certified mail labels is higher compared to a regular mail. In essence, the certified mail is handled more carefully because of its important nature compared to regular mail. In certified mail, there is protection against loss and damage or even theft.

There are times you sent a mail only to find out that it never arrived. This will not happen with certified mail. When sending a certified mail, the sender will fill some paperwork. In regular cases, a sender can just paste a stamp and put it inside a mail box and that's it. Certified mail works differently than regular mail where there is a need to fill out a form. The mail then gets a unique tracking number that is being generated by the post office. This number and bar code is being used by the post office to track the letters and packages that are deemed certified. Then, the delivery will only be completed once the receiver signs a form signifying that the mail was received. This form will then be returned to the sender as proof the mail has been delivered and duly received. Check out to know more about Certified mail.

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